A little about me...

Welcome! Whether you were referred to my page, or happened to stumble upon me, I'm glad you're here! I believe that, if I'm going to ask you a bunch of questions in getting to know you, it's only fair that you get a few of your own answered, too. So hopefully I can do some of that for you here.

I was born and raised in a small coal mining mountain town in Southeast Kentucky. My family took pride in the fact that our people had inhabited the ground we owned for over 140 years. In Appalachia, people help and care for one another. While growing up, I had many influencing people and factors in my life, and I believe they all led me to this career choice where I can help you to live the life you hope to live.

Where I come from, people are very in tune with their environment. Not only do we rely on it to provide food and shelter, we also cherish our land for the beauty and peace it brings to our lives. Still to this day, I always find peace when I sit on the front porch and watch a summer storm come in. I love to listen to the wind and rain in the leaves, and birds signaling what's to come. I believe you can achieve the same peace when you are carefully observant of your own body and soul.  

I attended Morehead State University and obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology in 1998. I later graduated from the University of Kentucky -- Go Cats! -- in 2004 with a Master's Degree in Social Work. I received my license to practice Clinical Social Work in the Commonwealth of Kentucky in 2013. These educational achievements first started as dreams. I believe you can achieve any goal that you dream of, you just have to be willing to believe in yourself and understand that you create your own destiny through the choices you make every day.

I enjoy traveling, kayaking, photography, watching tv, listening to music, and playing video games, but my favorite hobby has to be gardening. I love watching things grow, and become more and more beautiful. My favorite part about the help I provide is watching that same type of growth and expression of beauty that you will have the opportunity to experience for yourself.

I have lived in Northern Kentucky since 2002 with my husband, and we have two children. My family is my rock, and everyday bring to my life more than I ever hoped for. I believe that the most important factor in your success is using your own natural supports to help you on your journey of change. I also believe that most all relationships can be transformed to enhance your success along the way, by setting healthy boundaries that leave room for your and others' growth.

I can't wait to meet you, and to watch you on the journey you choose to let me hitchhike along on. Contact me today, and let me know how I can help!